Autotaalglas Zaandam

‘More space creates more calm’
This was and still is the objective of the renovation project at Autotaalglas Zaandam. The owner’s practical and pragmatic nature led to an extremely pleasant partnership. 
In order to create more work space, the landlord built an extra area in brick behind the old building. As soon as this section was finished, we broke through the connecting wall and started rearranging the layout. The storage rack for the windscreens was moved to the back, also creating a very roomy loft storage space. This is what we call making the most of the space!
The walls and floors have been finished in complete keeping with the Autotaalglas concept. The office has also been integrated into the reception area where there is plenty of room for customers to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while they wait. This area also features a glass wall, making overview easier for the entire organisation, which really comes in handy!
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