This is how WaarMakers gets the job done:

Turnkey Projectmanagement

The turnkey principle means that WaarMakers can take on your project from start to finish, from A to Z.  We work with a fixed project amount that is agreed in advance. As a client, you hardly have to do a thing; we take on all the work that is associated with your building project. This frees up your time to focus on the activities that generate a profit for you.

WaarMakers takes full responsibility in the step-by-step plan below; we act as your general contractor.


WaarMakers manages and coordinates the building or renovation work for your project. Your organisation handles the preliminary phase. The fact that a good foundation has already been laid means that we can steer all the parties involved in the right direction. You maintain control yet also have the time to focus on your own business.

We supervise your project during the steps laid out below. You turn over the management tasks to WaarMakers, and we ensure that the entire building process runs smoothly.

Waar Makers step-by-step plan

Discussing your wishes

In order to ensure a solid foundation, we start by putting your wishes and ideas down on paper. Together with the architect and project manager, we visualise your idea. Don’t be afraid to give your thoughts free reign so that we can turn these into a clear vision.

Construction expertise

During the process of putting your vision into words and based on the architect’s drawings, we provide construction expertise and advice. We always try to avoid situations in which ideas cannot be implemented because they simply cannot be built. We have a solution to every problem. An often-heard maxim at WaarMakers is ‘If we can put a man on the moon, anything is possible.’

Budget and scheduling

Once the plans have become articulated in a realistic fashion, we prepare a budget that provides clear insight into the costs. Based on this budget, we then draft a concrete schedule with a firm completion date. You will know exactly when you can resume your activities.

Finalisation of the budget

We know all too well that your vision has a price tag, and this is why we review the budget with you. We take a very close look at all the materials and services so that there are no unpleasant surprises during the build. If you approve of the budget, we finalise it. This is a fixed budget that we apply to completing the project, and we don’t stray from it unless you have different insights about the agreed execution.

Buying goods en services

The advantage of working with a fixed budget is that this enables us to really target our purchases. We contract the parties that are the best match for your project. The necessary materials are then carefully selected and procured.

Project management

Our goal is to ensure that your building project runs smoothly from start to finish. To achieve this, we regularly visit the project site, and consult with the workers. This helps us keep a close eye on the quality and progress of the work. We take a personal approach to steering and motivating the building team, and are convinced that when combined with facilitation, this leads to a great work atmosphere. This benefits the quality and scheduling of the project.

Financial bookkeeping

Whether we are working on a turnkey basis or are only providing project management services, a project bookkeeping system is always set up. This is often a time-consuming job that you would rather not get involved in. Not a problem for us; we keep track of everything in a structured manner. We can also provide you with direct insight into the financial status of your project.

After-care and service

The time has finally come; your building is ready for the (re-)opening! It goes without saying that we will be there to admire the final result, but it doesn’t end there. We like to stay in touch with you so you can contact us if problems arise with the building. It’s also handy when we can help you with issues involving construction. After a period of working together intensively, a connection naturally develops that we would like to keep intact. This is also important to us here at WaarMakers.


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