No matter where we do it, we make it matter!

Our business is coordinating, advising on and executing your interior project.

Joop Strijbosch

Joop really loves to take that extra step.

You don’t just see this from looking at him; you can sense it too.

He’s interested in the connection between the entrepreneurs, how they work together in a relaxed, informal manner to deliver quality, and create something fantastic.

After all, when the client and the foremen work well together, the team that evolves can provide perfect results. ‘Every link in the process is important,’ according to Joop, regardless which party this is. Thanks to his personal approach and involvement, everyone feels equal. This builds trust, which is the foundation people need to freely express their choices and opinions. The result is a true calling card!

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Amber van Houtum

Amber is the link ‘behind the scenes’. She connects the administrative duties and service in the office with her own personal approach. ‘Nine-to-five-mentality’ is not in her vocabulary. Based on her own entrepreneurship, she has a knack for sensing that organisation, coordination and recommendations may not be placed within a specific framework. She is always available to assist Joop, Stephan and others involved.

She aims to answer every question, and will ask for help when she can’t. After all, this is also possible at WaarMakers. We learn from and listen to each other. Amber makes people feel welcome to walk in, have a nice chat and enjoy a cup of coffee.

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Stephan de Loyer

Stephan puts personal passion into his work at WaarMakers. Thanks to his inquisitive, curious and enthusiastic personality, he has so many ideas and plans he would love to implement. Backed by broad experience, he doesn’t shy away from taking on organisational and coordinating tasks.

When asked, ‘Stephan, can you take a look at this job and handle it?’ he will put his creative and critical views to work in tackling it together with the architect and client. Rather than show restraint, he approaches the task at hand from a clear, supportive and well-substantiated position, based on the view that anything can be realised.

M  +31 (0)6 438 54 312

Sanne Verbruggen

Sanne is a ‘Jane of all trades’. A person with a Business Administration degree is not someone you immediately associate with WaarMakers. Given her enterprising personality, she applied for the position of project manager. Her additional motivation and the personal interview sealed the deal. 
And the fact that it’s a perfect match is obvious! This enthusiastic, cheerful and spirited woman is responsible for organising nearly every project together with the team. Her natural drive unites WaarMakers and all the parties involved in a project. Sanne maintains the contacts and has even been known to go to the build site to pour concrete! A real connector for whom no challenge is too great.

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